4 - Above Standard
3 - Meets Standard
2 - Approaching Standard 1 - Below Standard

Student recognizes famous balles and operas

Concert Program contains ten famous balles and operas.
Concert Program contains six famous balles and operas.
Concert Program contains four famous balles and operas.
Concert Program contains two famous balles and operas.
Facts - Composers
Concert Program contains detailed information on all composers, including birth and death dates and main places of residence.
Concert Program contains information on all composers. Some missing or inaccurate details.
Concert Program is missing and/or lacking information on composers in significant areas.   
Concert Program contains insufficient or no information on composers.
Facts - Time Period/Culture
Concert Program contains detailed concert notes about all pieces, including accurate facts.
Concert program contains concert notes for all pieces. Some inaccurate facts or details. 
Concert Program is missing program notes for some pieces, or contains numerous inaccuracies. 
Concert Program contains very insufficient or no program notes. 
All sources and recordings listed in a manner that is easy to read and find. 
  Bibliography contains minor errors or is missing sources that you used.
Bibliography is missing many sources or does not describe in detail what was used.   
Bibliography is missing or contains no relevant information.