Сategory 4 – above standard 3 – meets standard 2 – approaching standard 1-Below standard

Demonstrates effective and efficient use of the Internet  for locating appropriate information to complete the web-page

Excellent choice of materials which provides excellent information appropriate to the task. Information relates to the process of creating an effective web-page. The use of both text and graphics is incorporated appropriately. Reflects a limited amount of effort to find appropriate information and create an effective and interesting web-page. Reflects not satisfied amount of effort to find appropriate information and create an effective and interesting web-page.


Demonstrates the ability to write clearly, following the rules of standard of English so to effectively communicate information, ideas, and conclusion


The descriptions are written in clear, well constructed paragraphs. The information is presented in descriptive language with few if any grammatical and spelling errors. The writing demonstrates excellent preparation and execution. The descriptions of places are clear and usually well written without many grammatical and spelling errors.   The descriptions of places lack clarity and include many grammatical and spelling errors. The writing is not well organized.   The descriptions of places are difficult to understand.  Sentences are incomplete and contain many grammatical and spelling (mistakes)errors.


Demonstrates the ability to create a well-organized, graphically rich web-page which effectively integrates images and text.


Excellent use of graphics of many types.  Creative and interesting use of text with graphics.  High quality graphics used effectively to illustrate the web-page. Uses a variety of graphics. Good use of combining text and graphics. Organized and appropriate selection of graphics and pictures. Some use of graphics but not effectively presented. Graphics and text are not used together. Limited selection of images. Little or no use of pictures or graphics. Selection of information is not relevant to the web-page. Demonstrates few design strategies.


Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively, sharing information and skills necessary for effective collaborative learning.


The entire group works as an effective unit to share information. Excellent communication with well organized activities. Everyone on the team is actively involved during the entire process. Good team effort.  All members of the group collect and select the information.  All members of the team perform tasks. The group demonstrates some cooperation but members do not communicate information efficiently.  One or two members do most of the work.  Demonstrates very little cooperation. Group members do not assume responsibilities. Very little effort to work as a team.